Sunday, May 2, 2010

Periodic Table

THE ART OF CHEMISTRY — Wake Forest seniors Nazila Alimohammadi and Anna Clark have left their mark on campus — a picnic table in the shape of the Periodic Table of Elements. The two women students created the sculpture as part of a public art course taught in the fall by David Finn, associate professor of art. Students in the class were paired up and assigned to work with campus organizations in creating works for public display. "We wanted our project to be fun and functional without a lot of emotional or political content," Clark says. An aspiring dentist, Alimohammadi had taken several chemistry classes and suggested working with that department. They devised their "Periodic Table" concept — a pun of the familiar Periodic Table of Elements configuration — and the department responded enthusiastically. Alimohammadi did the structural steel work and Clark hand-painted the surface tiles. The piece, which was dedicated in an informal picnic ceremony on April 15, is accurate in every detail, right down to the auxiliary lanthanides and actinides tables that constitute the table's bench.

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